Sunday, June 16, 2013

Introducing new contributor!

Allow me to introduce myself. 

Hello! My name is Jane Nasution, I'm 19 y'o,  I'm Jenahara's sister.

Yes so from now on, I'll be joining Jenahara as a contributor in this blog. I'll update Jenahara's Collection. 

So, I wanna talk about lil bit of my style and what I like. Mostly I wore a black clothes. I not into a girly stuff, so I'm more like edgy, simple, and minimalist/clean-cut  look. 

Fact that Jenahara personality is same like mine, I like to wear it cause it is so me. Simple, and also it looks edgy at the same time. 

That's it for now,  hope you enjoy it.

Jenahara Latest Collection: Hello Sailor!

I'm wearing Mariner Shirt and Black Trouser by Jenahara