Thursday, February 13, 2014

MAKE UP 101 : not so valentine makeup


  • Garnier BB cream 
  • I used Maybelline eyestudio master brow & fashion brow coloring mascara --- in brown
  • Black eyeliner --- I used NYX retractable eye liner in black
  • shimmer eyeshadow 
  • Mascara 
  • Blush --- I used Etude : dear darling tint
  • Lips --- I used NYX soft mate lip cream in stockholm & Topshop in Depth 


  1. Apply bb-cream all over your face
  2. these day is all about thicker brow, shape your  eyebrows with pencil brow, after that apply eyebrows mascara to make it thicker
  3. Line the upper lashes with black liner
  4. wing it out lil'bit
  5. Line the bottom lashes
  6. then line your bottom waterline lashes just a half line
  7. add shimmery eyeshadow to your bottom eyes
  8. apply several coat of mascara to make your eyes bigger
  9. time for the blush
  10. and finally, for the lips: apply lip cream then the darker lip color to the centre of your lips!