Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Back to Basic

 my face after filled with a lot of knowledge! hehe 

Happy Weekend!
Nowadays, Jakarta is to bored for me, from the traffic and I'm kinda bored with a "mall". I felt like I need a little get away from my routine. So I decided to go to a Museum. Yes, a Museum, went to Museum Nasional at Central Jakarta for the first time!. To be honest, I'm really excited and enjoy being there, to get lost with new knowledge and also I dont need to spend a lot of money. Absolutely adore this place, way cooler than I thought!!!
I just wore black clothes, and sadly the weather is so.... hot! But Thankfully this shirt is-so-not-very hot! It's really cool, even in hot day. Anyway, I'm wearing Barque shirt from Hello! Sailor collection.